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The earliest records of Dubai history can be traced to the eighteenth century when the Al Abu Falasa lineage of the clan of Bani Yas instituted itself within Dubai that was then under the Abu Dhabi settlement.

After a significant number of years, in 1820, the "General Peace Treaty", also termed as the General Maritime Treaty was sponsored by the British. One such signatory to this treaty was the then sheik of the territory of Dubai.

Furthermore, the Dynasty of Al Maktoum of the tribe of Bani Yas left Abu Dhabi to conquer Dubai in 1833. From that time, Dubai became an independent emirate. It was then also continuously in conflict with the Abu Dhabi emirate. The Qawasim attempted to rule over Dubai but was unsuccessful. Dubai was one such Trucial State that sealed a truce with the British in 1835, and about 20 years later, it signed a "Perpetual Maritime Truce" with Britain.

By the agreement made in 1892, Dubai went under the security of the UK from a group of Turks. The Trucial Oman formation took place at the same year. Dubai was one example of the few towns in its area which promoted commerce and trade. The 1930’s saw Dubai as being a well-known area because of the pearls it exported to other countries.

More than two decades after, Dubai made an agreement with Qatar in 1966 to arrange their own combined unit of money, after the value of their money weakened. In 1971, Dubai coordinated with six other emirates and forged the United Arab Emirates, and in 1973, they formed their own money known as UAE dirham. Presently, Dubai has become a progressive city which offers employment, trade and even holiday vacations.

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